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Why I do what I do.

Celebrancy isn’t well known in the UK and I often get asked why I do this and I didn’t become a registrar or minister.  What follows is the short answer.  Sit me down with a cup of tea and (as usual!) there might be a bit more detail involved, but here are the main reasons.

When I got married, I realised how limited you are by the current system.  We had to edit poetry, only choose certain songs, fit our ceremony into the times decreed.  I knew there had to be a better way.

There are some beautiful places in this world and I wanted the couples I work with to have the ceremony wherever and whenever they would like.  An outdoor wedding – yes, even in damp old England – could be possible. A woodland handfasting, a backgarden ceremony, even a beach blessing.  Nothing is beyond possibility anymore.

Imagine this...

As the couple above show, time of day isn’t even an issue anymore.  What if your closest friends can only make it after work?  Why not have an evening, or even night time wedding? What if your faith or lifestyle would fit better with a midnight wedding? although I have to warn you – I request coffee and a bed for the night if I’m going to be up past the witching hour!

Talking of such things – the state does not cater for those of you with faith and  many ministers of religion are only happy celebrating the faith they are in.  I have conducted ceremonies including elements of Christianity, Paganism and Humanism, but I write my weddings (or baby namings etc) for the people involved.  You can have whatever you want as far as I am concerned. What about a winter wedding, with carols, but no other religious content?  A Christmas day wedding would even be possible, if you give me enough notice.

So, would you like more information?  Leave a comment below with your email and I’ll get in touch with you.

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