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A Gallifreyan Wedding

I’ve finally caught up with the last episode of this series of Dr Who on the Iplayer and something occurred to me – I would love to be part of a Dr Who Wedding.

Now, granted, from the detail point of view for the ceremony, we don’t have a huge amount to go on.  However, the main elements we have been given:

  • Parents saying “I consent and gladly give”
  • A strip of cloth which both need to hold
  • The whispering of a name, or a secret to each other

Along with a few other details could make a very beautiful Gallifreyan ceremony.

Here are my suggestions:

Get a tardis. Make one or hire one.  This company have managed to get it inside a venue before!

reproduced with kind permission from Hire a Tardis

This would work really well as the focal point for the ceremony – you two standing in front of the doors before entering and shooting off amongst the starts together!

Navy blue as the main colour, as a nod to the tardis. How would this be for a wedding dress?

lilliemaessteamtrunk on ETSY

Something beautiful, vaguely eccentric, steampunk certainly.  Perhaps you are playing the part of the traveller!

As for rings – there is something beautiful about this:

Isn't this the sort of ring the doctor would choose?

From Wexford Jewelers on ETSY

And if your doctor is the 10th – David Tennant, why not have a ring shaped like a rose? (Ten is My Doctor and he’d have married Rose Tyler as far as I’m concerned!)

What about for the groom?  Well, unless you would like me to hand embroider a strip of cloth for the ritual for you, there is always:

From GripAndWord on ETSY

The perfect accessory, I think.

So, who fancies a Gallifreyan Wedding then?

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