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Child and Baby Naming: Adoption and New Child Ceremonies

After yesterday’s sad news about Steve Jobs, I was astounded to hear that he was adopted.

For those of us who are unable to have children for whatever reason, adoption is one of the possibilites to start a family of our own.  Often, this comes after a long struggle to come to the realisation that this is the right choice.  Making the decision to bring a child into your life after such sadness can make the arrival an even more important time.

With a pregnancy, mothers talk about how they are getting on, how the pregnancy is progressing. With adoption, and with surrogacy, it is hard to talk about what is going on until you have the child there, really as part of your family.

An adoption or welcoming ceremony can mark this very special time and introduce the child to all of the people who will become important in their life.  Godparents or supporting adults can be named to help them as they grow up as your child.  It is an important message to send to a child who has previously lived in care or a foster home.  That they now have a family (and you’re so excited that you want to tell the world!)

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