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Outdoor weddings in the UK

A bluer sky than I can see right now

Ah yes, the British weather in becoming exactly what we would expect it to be at the start of October.  wet, cold and generally autumnal.

So is there a more perfect time for me to talk about outdoor weddings?

Outdoor weddings in England are often treated with humour, especially due to the chance in this country to get rained on.  However, there are some things you can do to take advantage of the beautiful days we do get.

At a minimum, make sure the couple and celebrant have somewhere covered to stand.  Speaking from experience, it is very difficult to conduct any ceremony while your couple is getting drenched, or you are swallowing snow!  This can be a gazebo, roofed structure or doorway.  If you are in a garden or park, densely leafed treed can be possible Make sure all your guests bring umbrellas and wear suitable clothing if you are expecting thunderstorms.

If you can, make sure there is a secondary location the wedding can be moved to if the weather is bad.  If there is a barn available where the side doors can be opened, this can give a lovely, airy outdoor feel while you’re still inside! Remember to make any decorations from the reception or ceremony moveable so your Best Man, Bridesmaids and Celebrant can run around decorating for you!

Be wary of using temporary structures that are not sturdy.  It’s a terrible distraction for the venue to blow away while you’re trying to use it. (Not to say dangerous etc.)

A seaside or beach wedding is a lovely idea but the wind can sometimes make it difficult for everyone to be heard.  Try and find a sheltered cove or cliff cave if you can.

And finally – if you would like an outdoor wedding whatever the weather and rain is forecast, come dressed for it.  Either in your best hats and waterproofs or bring a change of clothes.  I don’t mind if you don’t mind!  A towel would be appreciated after that mind you…

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