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Eco-friendly weddings and baby namings

How can I help you to keep your ceremony green?

Low carbon and environmentally friendly weddings are on the rise.  It matters more now, with peak oil approaching and rising petrol prices to keep an eye on your carbon footprint, even when it comes to the big days in life.

There are some small things you can do to help yourself, and some things I do as standard that will help to make everything a little big greener.

1. Look at the venue:  Do they have a policy to be green?  Having your ceremony in a natural place such as a field, park or even having a woodland wedding can take a load off immediately.  Make sure you clean up afterwards though.

2. Go for secondhand: A secondhand wedding dress comes with history and heritage and a lower price tag.  No more energy was used to produce it.  If you would like something new, what about getting an older dress or piece of fabric made into what you want?

3. What about the food? Find a local caterer who specialises in local and foraged food.  Or even have a potluck meal – do your friends have allotments?  Can they bring home-grown food?

4. Think about transport links: Is your venue easy to reach by train?  Could transport be provided from the local station rather than having everyone drive?

5. Guest accomodation: What about a camping wedding?  A festival feel and everyone could bring their own tent, or stay somewhere with Tipis or Yurts already erected.  Much greener than some other options.

How am I green?

  • I work from home.  No car commute to the office for my celebrancy.
  • Where possible, I talk to clients on the phone, via skype, in email.  I try to limit the amount of long distance car travel I do.
  • Where possible, I use the train.  For longer distances, this means arriving the night before to make sure that I get there!
  • I use recycled and for note taking, re-used paper.  The furniture in my office and my computer are secondhand.

Is there anything I could do better?  Any suggestions?  Is being green important to you?

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