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Making memories

For the past fortnight, I’ve been busy taking care of my mum.

Mum is in her mid-sixties now and three years ago she was diagnosed with a condition that will eventually kill her.  It is not terminal in the way that cancer is, but we know that it will eventually lead to her death.  I am coming to terms with this.  Previously, we had conversations about what she would want her funeral to be like and she’s asked me to officiate.  I promised I would. I may do it through a veil of tears, utterly unable to speak, but I’ll do it for her.

But as I sat by her bedside, hearing the monitor beep, I thought of all of the memories of her I had.  The memories we made together.  When I was little, when I grew up, when I met and married.  I still remember her on my wedding day, telling me that I couldn’t get married again because she couldn’t cope with the stress!  Mum still has the pictures though, tucked away in her purse.  I’ve heard her tell complete strangers that it was a beautiful day, like a fairy tale.

She has those memories to look back on and so do I.  Happy, joyous times, in photographs or in our thoughts. Even when she’s in a hospital bed or 100 miles away.

It’s not just about us, the ones who are getting married.  It’s about out family and friends too. It’s all about having those moments.

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