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Personal Wedding Ceremonies and Baby Naming Celebrations in London, Cambridge, Suffolk and Birmingham

Superscrimpers Wedding

Anyone else watch Super Scrimpers last night? With their wedding ideas?

Some great stuff, but I’m always amazed – why does no one ever suggest a celebrant as a moneysaving option?  With my budget wedding option,  can help you to have a venue based ceremony for a fraction of the cost of having the registrar out.  (Islington charge £850 for a Bank Holiday wedding.  They’re winding me up, surely)

Some of those cakes were stunning, but using family knowledge – everyone knows a cake maker – can bring the price down a hell of a lot. Do you have a public speaker in the family?  What about arranging for a professional script from me and have them conduct your day?

You can have the wedding day of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.


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