Shelley Prowse Davis Independent Celebrant

Personal Wedding Ceremonies and Baby Naming Celebrations in London, Cambridge, Suffolk and Birmingham

Your Unique Wedding Ceremony

Do you want a unique wedding ceremony?  You’re spending so much time on the dress, the cake and the venue. Making sure they’re all perfect.  Why should you have the same ceremony as everyone else?  You could end up having exactly the same wedding as someone else, when really no two marriages are the same.  If you want your own unique wedding ceremony, read on.

When I am writing a unique ceremony, I work with my couples and families. They give me the detail and the feel of the day and I craft the ceremony for them, from the first word to the last and I do not recycle from wedding to wedding.  Your unique ceremony is truly that – one-of-a-kind. You can include any promises, any readings, any rituals.  The ceremony can be religious, spiritual or humanist.  Whatever suits you and your beliefs best. You can be as involved in you like in the creation of your unique wedding ceremony, even writing your own readings as well as the vows.

For unique wedding ceremonies, I need to be booked at least 6 weeks before the wedding to give your ceremony the time you deserve.

Are you interested?  Please email me for more information.

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