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Wedding Ceremony Scripts – Get a friend to conduct your wedding ceremony

Are you looking for only the script for your wedding ceremony ? Most people who contact me are looking for a Wedding Celebrant to conduct their personal wedding ceremony, but occasionally I get an email asking if I can write for someone else to officiate. I do provide Wedding Ceremonies on a Script only basis, and I’ve got a bit of advice for anyone taking this route…

Having a family member leading your wedding can be a touching way to truly make your wedding a family affair, and if you are going this route there are certain things you can do to make sure that the day goes really well.

  • This may sound obvious but choose someone who really wants to lead your ceremony. Not wanting to do it will make their nerves worse – unless they are a professional or practised public speaker, and can hide it well. Leading your wedding is an immense privilege and they should they should treat it with the respect it deserves.
  • Choose someone who you would be happy to listen to for the whole ceremony, with a good speaking voice.
  • Make sure you don’t need them for other parts of the ceremony – leading the ceremony as well as giving the bride away needs careful handling.
  • Be prepared to coach and rehearse with the friend who will be leading your wedding.  They’ll need to practice projecting their voice around the room and pronouncing any difficult names.  Mumbling and tripping over words is no good for anyone. However, with kindness, patience and enough rehearsing you can have just the person you want leading your big day.
  • Think about having more than one friend or family member lead – ensemble casts can work really well and make several people feel really included in your wedding.
  • Unless you have a professional writer in your family or as one of your friends, book a Celebrant to write your script. This will enable you to draw on their experience and expertise.  I can also offer advice to the speaker and all of my wedding ceremonies come with assistance in writing your own vows.

Would you like to have someone you love lead your big day and just need the right words?  All of my ceremonies come with a script only option – please see here for more details: Wedding Ceremony Script Only

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