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Unplug your guests – the Camera Free Wedding

Earlier this week, I read this post, here via Offbeat Bride, about a couple who did not allow their guests to take pictures during the ceremony.

I’ve led a lot of weddings.  It never ceases to amaze me how, instead of being speechless at the beauty of the bride, or being truly present in the moment, a guest will rush to pick up a camera or phone and miss the second entirely.

If a couple ask me, I will happily tell the guests not to take pictures during the ceremony.  Apart from gaining the audience’s full attention for the beautiful moment they will be witnessing, this means that the bride can see everyone as she walks up the like, rather than a set of cameras and phones.  It also allows the professional to take the best shots.  Often pictures are ruined by someone else’s flash or by someone else leaning out to get the picture as well. The photographer will have scoped out the best places to stand and the best lighting to make sure that the couple are getting their money’s worth.  Let them do their job. Everyone needs to capture the moment, but sometimes those moments are better caught by our own two eyes than through a lens.

Usually, the most personal guest pictures are taken later in the day when the professional photographer has left.  These are the ones that you will giggle or cringe over when they turn up on your facebook the next day.  Why not leave the pro to do his or her job and then step up once the party really starts?

Another idea is from the truly tremendous Hindsight Bride who is absolutely my sort of woman. She suggests giving guests a Treasure Hunt’ list of things to take pictures of after the ceremony.  This means that you’re likely to end up with all of the shots you want.  It seems to me that this will also give your guests something to do while they’re not dancing!

2 comments on “Unplug your guests – the Camera Free Wedding

  1. hindsightbride
    17 May 2012

    VERY true! I forgot about how I asked guests to refrain from taking photos while the professional was taking hers precisely because of the flash problem. I found it was most effective to give a reason rather than growling “no outside photos!” LOL.

    And thanks for the kind words.

  2. hindsightbride
    17 May 2012

    VERY true! I had forgotten how I asked guests not to stand behind the professional photographer and take pictures precisely because of the flash problem. Though, I do want to note that it was most effective to explain my reasoning rather than to growl, “No Photographs!” LOL.

    Thanks also for the kind words 😉

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