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Baby Naming Ceremonies

Shelley Prowse Davis is a baby naming celebrant creating beautiful baby naming ceremonies, celebrations and non-religious ‘Christenings’.  Available for bookings primarily in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Herts, Bucks, Bedfordshire, London and Birmingham. Please get in touch for more information.

What is a baby naming ceremony?

For all time, the birth of a baby has been seen as a gift – an event to be celebrated.

A baby naming celebration provides a way to joyously mark the beginning of a new life and welcome the child into your family.

A baby naming ceremony takes the place of a traditional baptism or christening, where the family are not religious or are not members of a traditional religion.

The baby welcoming day can be a special moment for parents to make promises to their child for the future. Godparents, or Supporting Adults can be chosen and make their pledge to the child to support him or her through the coming years, to provide sanctuary and advice. Grandparents, Older siblings and friends can all take their part and be fully included in the ceremony.

Your baby naming ceremony can be as colourful and meaningful as you would like it to be. A naming ceremony is perfect for those who wish to celebrate this monumental event, but for whom a baptism would be inappropriate. It may be that they are not religious in any way, or believe that the child should make up his or her own mind when they are older. there is nothing to stop a prayer being included, if you would like, or a blessing with water. In fact, the history of a blessing with water is cross cultural and existed long before Christianity. I am happy to work with you to create exactly the day you want.

The Venue

Baby Naming Ceremonies can be held anywhere, although for reasons of noise, you may wish to avoid public places such as beaches or parks, unless you know of a secluded or private area. Here are some suggestions:

  • Your home or garden
  • The place of your marriage (if you are married – it is not obligatory!)
  • Your favourite cafe or restaurant
  • Local community space
  • Local zoo, tourist attraction, National Trust or English Heritage property.
  • If you are an avid football supporter, what about your team’s ground?

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