Shelley Prowse Davis Independent Celebrant

Personal Wedding Ceremonies and Baby Naming Celebrations in London, Cambridge, Suffolk and Birmingham

Weddings, Partnerships and Renewals

Shelley Prowse Davis is a wedding celebrant creating beautiful wedding ceremonies, celebrations and renewal of vows ceremonies.  Available for bookings primarily in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Herts, Bucks, Bedfordshire, London and Birmingham. Please get in touch for more information.

For how much this would cost, please click here – Shelley Prowse Davis – Wedding Ceremony Prices

I can craft the perfect ceremony for your big day, which is individually written just for you. My ceremonies are not recycled from one couple to the next, to be used again and again. I start writing the ceremony at our meetings with you, tailoring them to fit – I do not believe in off-the-peg celebrations! You can choose to honour beautiful traditions or break the mould to have the day you have always dreamed of.

You’ve got the right partner.

The perfect clothes.

The most gorgeous venue.

You’ve picked out the cake, the invitations, the favours and the bridesmaids.

Shouldn’t you give just as much attention to the ceremony itself?

Weddings can run away with you.  A pile of people and things to organise, the meaning of the day can get lost, the promises you make secondary to the white satin and perfect roses.

Will your wedding be different? A meaningful, unique day building beautiful memories for you to revisit.  A ceremony where the most important element is you two and how you feel about each other.

In the UK, when you take the conventional route of Registrar or Church to conduct your wedding or civil partnership, there are a few things that you may be faced with:

You will not be able to include any religious references within your Registrar-led ceremony, even though you may be religious and want to make declarations in your faith. If you are a same-sex couple, you may struggle to find a minister who will conduct a blessing for you. You may be of different faiths, and would like one ceremony that encompasses both of your beliefs. I create ceremonies where you can have exactly the readings, music and vows you want.

You may want the ceremony to take longer than the allotted time in the church, or than the Registrar has you booked for. They may need to hurry things along if you are late, or if they have another ceremony to get to. I only conduct one ceremony on any given day. In fact, you will have my full attention throughout.

You may want to get married somewhere unusual, which holds special memories for you. In your back garden, a beach or on a steam train. Under current UK legislation, a Registrar or Priest could not do this for you as they are constrained to licensed premises only. As none of the legally binding part of the ceremony will be conducted with us, we can conduct your ceremony wherever you wish – let your imagination run wild!

You may not be religious at all, but wish to create your own ceremony and not rely on the state to provide you with their set format to define your relationship. You may not be an atheist, or a member of any particular faith, but believe in a higher power. Your idea of the perfect ceremony to seal your partnership would not be catered to by the Church or a Registrar. Ceremonies written and delivered by us can take any shape you wish, because on that day you are the most important people in the world.

The legal aspect

I do not handle the legal aspect of the ceremony, which allows your union to be recognised by the law. This must be conducted with a registrar at the registry office. We don’t do this because it allows us to have more flexibility when it comes to the ceremony itself.  You can legalise your union at any time before the ceremony and then celebrate your marriage with the wedding of your dreams!

Renewal of Vows

Many people want to celebrate big anniversaries with a wedding ceremony, or maybe you did not get quite the ceremony you wanted the first time around. A Renewal of Vows celebration is all about you two as a couple, how far you have come together and your shared future.  The ceremony can be as simple as reading new vows to one another, to a full wedding ceremony.

Pagan and Alternative Wedding Ceremonies

Often, people use an independent celebrant so they can be sure of getting exactly what they want – one example of this is the Pagan Handfasting ceremony.  In some cases, these are agreements made between the couple to be together for a set amount of time, traditionally for a year and a day, to make sure that they are happy before committing to each other for a longer time, perhaps with different vows.  They have no legal requirements, unless you would like them to be binding for life in which case you would need to register your partnership with the registrar in the usual way.    I am also able to conduct a variety of alternative partnership ceremonies to convey different meanings.

Any questions?

Get in touch

“Thank you, you gave us the day we wanted and made it magical.” – P&M, Wales


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